Monday, September 25, 2006

Hanna Park FSC MTB Race

Great weekend of Riding, Camping and Racing down in Beautiful, Sunny Florida. Mark D. and I left out at 12:00 noon last saturday on our way to Hanna Park in North East Jacksonville, Florida. The weather was perfect not a cloud in the sky. We saw gas prices as low as $2.01 per Gallon in South Georgia. We arrived and signed in the campground. It was $30.00 for the night. We then went straight over to the Gone Riding Trailer to sign in and get our Numbers. We did our Pre-Ride Lap before we set up Camp. The facilities were nice as we were right next to the Bathroom/Showers. We ate a Good Supper at OutBack Steakhouse in Jacksonville Beach. That night while sitting round the Latern, we heard somthing running thru the Palmettos around our campsite. It was loud, sounded like sasquatch chasing a buffalo. Then out popped an Armidillo, He walked right up to where we were sitting. Mark threw a water bottle and nailed it on the head before I could get a Good Picture. I slept good hearing the waves of the Atlantic crashing in the distance.
I woke to another Sunny Day. We drove over to Waffle House for a pre-race meal, (Coffee and Grits for me). Mark's Race started at 9:30. He was in the Clydesdale Class. They did 2 laps. He ended up getting 4th out of 17. My race started at 11:30. I had 31 in my group. The start was a flat and narrow stretch with a hard right turn onto a limestone road then hard right into the singletrack. I started about midpack but fell back and let them fight it out going into the singletrack. I was last going in. The Hanna Park Mountain Bike Trail was very tight and twisty only a couple of short climbs, just humps really. The trail was covered in Palmettos most of the way with several narow, short bridge crossings. Very little room for passing so when fast riders came up behind me I would just pull off into the palmettos and stop to let them by. BIG MISTAKE, I lost Mucho time doing that. I will not be doing that again in a race. I have always done that for fast riders in tight situations. I waste too much momentum and time doing that. I guess I've been too "Nice" of a Racer. I came in last, I mean Dead F'n Last, like last of the Whole Yellow Wave. They were pulling up stakes when I came across the finish. I had a great time though, wish I woulda had more time to enjoy the beach.

Yesterday's RACE: Florida State Championships Series #2
Jacksonville, FL, 29th of 31 Sport Men 30-39, 3 Laps, 16.5 miles, 8.57 avg mph.