Monday, January 22, 2007


Before the StartGreat Weekend! Mark D and I left Perry at 12:00 noon on Friday bound for Stephen Foster State Park in White Springs, Florida. We got there in time to set up camp, register, and pre-ride the first 7 miles of the IDIDARIDE. Shane, Diana, and Jessie were arriving as we got back. We hung out at their campsite Friday night, Mark D provided a Spagetti Dinner. Chip, Bill, and Alina showed up later and set up camp at our site. I woke up Saturday morning at 5:30 am to a Hissing sound. I felt my air matress slowly deflating. I guess that was my que to get up and get started! Got the coffee going before I went over to take a shower. The tempurature was ~38 F. I was plesently suprised at the showering facilities there. Clean, Roomy, and had a Heat Lamp over each shower! After several cups of Coffee and lubing up the chain It was time to roll down to the the Start. There was a Pancake and sausage breakfast provided. I rolled up a plain Pancake and stuffed it down before the masses convereged on the Suwannee River trails. Had I known any better I would have put a couple in my pocket for later. I had filled my water bottle with Perpetuem and also had several Power Gel packs that were a life saver later in the ride when my legs began to cramp. Before we reached the Halfway point I boosted my Trail Karma by fixing someone's broken chain who was about to walk out. He (Ted from Pensecola) ended up finishing before I did. At the Half way Stop there was lunch provided, I had some yummy Chicken and Rice made with Saffron Rice. After refilling my Camel Bak and washing my face I continued on. There were open, fire road, double track and tight Saw Palmetto lined single track. The pack was more spread out by now so I rode many miles by myself. I finally made it to the last rest stop where there was Cheese, sausage, and Wine provided. I was not planning to stay long but ended up having to change a tube out for someone before getting back out on the trail. I'm glad I brought all my tools and three extra tubes. I even handed out 6 of the 10 gel packs I had brought with me to various people cramping along the way. I was feeling ok after I left the last rest stop and had no Idea how much further I had to go. My GPS had been loseing reception in places with Heavy Canopy Cover (Trees) and I was not real sure just how far I had been. I decided that I better stop and take a rest and eat somthing along the trail cause I was really weak. I stopped ate a couple granola bars, drank some water, and stretched out for over 10 minutes. Little did I know I was only about a Mile and A half away from the Finish. At the finish there was a huge meal prepared, Chicken, potatoes, salad, green beans, and rolls. After a Hot shower we grilled some Itailian sausages and bratwurst for an evening snack. I didn't even mind that I was going to sleep on the ground with no air mattress. The next mornin Mark D cooked up some scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast before we bolted. A perfect weekend of great riding, food, and friends. If you did not attend this year I would highly recommend putting it on your calander for next year.