Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bike Packing Emergency Bivy

Emergency tent, Emergency Sleeping Bag, my Bivy plan for the Cross Florida individual Time Trial bicycle race. The Emergency tent Packs down small not too Heavy. Comes with light rope and 4 metal Tent Stakes. Emergency tent is made of what feels like sturdy fabric material.  The Emergency tent is Blaze orange on the outside and reflective silver on the inside. The  Emergency Sleeping Bag is basically a big bag made of the Emergency Blanket reflective plastic type material.

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Emergency tent, Emergency Sleeping Bag
This Emergency Bivy would come in handy when riding out a storm. The Emergency tent for bikepacking or hiking backpaking

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Garmin Dakota 20 GPS

Garmin Dakota 20 GPS for Cycling. Garmin Dakota 20 GPS comes with a basic Map. The First Place I looked at on the Garmin Dakota 20 GPS map had no roads showing! Garmin Dakota 20 GPS included Map shows very little Detail of the Ocala National Forest in Central Florida. The Cross Florida individual Time Trial route Carries you across this beautiful National Forest Near Ocala, Florida. There are many upgraded Garmin Dakota 20 GPS maps available on Micro SD Cards. Garmin Dakota 20 GPS has a Micro SD card slot.
Garmin Dakota 20 GPS

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Garmin Dakota 20 GPS for Cycling.

Touch Screen, Garmin Dakota 20 operate on two AA batteries. Use alkaline, NiMH, or lithium batteries. Garmin recommends Use precharged NiMH or lithium batteries for best results. Powered by 2 AA Batteries , Waterproof GPS, Basic MAP, Waypoints to Navigating to a Destination the Garmin Dakota 20 uses a command called  "Where To?"  or you can choose a point on the Garmin Dakota 20 map to navigate to a destination with the Garmin Dakota. The Garmin Dakota 20 Compass view guides you to your destination by displaying a compass and a bearing pointer. The Garmin Dakota 20 also provides navigation data such as current speed, distance to the next point on the route, and estimated arrival time. The Garmin Dakota 20 electronic compass is similar to a magnetic compass when you are cycling. at higher speed, such as traveling in an helicopter, the c Garmin Dakota 20 compass uses GPS signals to determine your direction.

Bicycle Mount for Garmin Dakota Sold separate. Lanyard supplied with Garmin Dakota 20

SeaLion swim fins, rubber floating

Sea Lion Swim Fins. Floating Rubber Swim Fins Aqua Lung Company

With these, swimmers can accelerate at a must faster speed and realize what it feels like to go at that distance in such a short amount of time. Dolphin kick exercises under water across a 25 meter pool are most commonly performed with my use. This can increase muscle tone and usage especially with the booty.  Proper form of butterfly kicks can be mastered with these as well. These don't seem to rub my feet at all and are one of the most comfortable fins out there, especially with my big feet, size elevens!
Swim Fins for Swimming Practice. Swim Flippers for the Pool, Rubber Floating Swim Fins.
Swimming Flippers