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Bicycle owners Info

Bicycles can be broadly categorised into four typss:
Road or Touring
Mountain or Off Road
.Cross, Hybrid, City or Comfort
Bicycles for younger riders use are generally scaled  own versionsof adult bicycles including the step through design. Other bicycles include tandems, recumbents and tolding bicycles, Which type is your new bicycle?
Typically has narrow tyros and drop handlebar. Variations include bicycles suited for touring, commuting, sports, and recreational riding.
The Mountain Bicycle is designed to give the rider maximum control and durability on a wide variety
of harsh terrain, Everything about the Mountain Bicycle is more rugged, Its frame geometry provides
maximum ground clearance and allows you to quickly and easily shift your weight to change the
balance of the bicycle as terrain conditions demand.
WARNING: Not all Mountain type bicycles are intended for off road or competition use. Check specifications and technical advice from your bicycle retailer before use.
Usually something of a mixture of characteristics of the Road and Mountain types but may include
evolving frame shapes and components. Suited for general purpose riding.
BMX, are general purpose bicycles for youn

The BMX type Bicycle is a versatile machine usually of 20 (510mm) or less sized wheels with wide
section tyres, ideal for general purpose use
WARNING: General purpose Freestyle and BMX bicycles are not designed for stunting, racing or competition use
Modelled on a trick riding style machine, featuring  360 degree revolving handlebar/fork assembly, axle pegs and wide profile tyres. Using a freestyle type bicycle for trick or competition riding may

Have characteristics and equipment which may require special instruction, adjustment, care and
maintenance. Read carefully al instruction manuals. Ask your bicycle retailer for advice on
maintenance, adjustments and repair
Designed for easy storage. May require special instruction before use. Ensure
devices are correctly secured before riding a bicycle  t
Although bicycle components vary in design, weight and method of use, basically all bicycles are the same A bicycle is made up of a frame, wheels, drive train, brakes, stem, handle bars and saddle. Frames must show a makers ID label.
Seal Post
Head Stem Hand
Top Tube
Linear, Cantlever
or Caiper Brake
Seal Stay

Where a suspension unit, disk and/orh brake units, multi gear hub, electric gear
system, etc, a d, consult man specification and warranty documentsFr
selection and repair advice, ask your bicycle
 The adapter fits into the Schraeder pump fitting. Close the
valve after inflation. To let air out of a Presta valve, open up the valve
stem lock nut and depress the valve stem.
A WARNING: Patching a tube is an emergency repair. If you do not
apply the patch com
or apply several patches, the tube can fail,
resulting in possible tube failure, which could cause you to loose control
and fall. Replace a patched tube as soon as possible.

Bicycle Tires
many designs and
Bicycle tires are available in purpose designs
specifications, ranging from general
to tires designed to perform best under very specific
terrain conditions. If, once you've gained
experience with your new bike, you feel that a
different tire might better suit your riding needs, your
dealer can help you select the most appropriate
Bicycle Tire Valves
There are primarily two kinds of bicycle
tube valves: The Schraeder Valve and
the Presta Valve. The bicycle pump you
use must have the fitting appropriate to
the valve stems on your bicycle.
The Schroeder valve (the valve on a car tire)_. To inflate a
Schroeder valve tube, remove the valve
cap and clamp the pump fitting onto the end of the valve stem Tole
air out of a Schraeder valve, depress the pin in the end of the valve stem
with the end of a key or other appropriate object
The Presta valve  has a narrower diameter and is only found on
tires. To inflate a Presta valve tube using a Presta headed bicycle
pump, remove the valve cap: unscrew (counterclockwise) the valve stem
lock nut and push down on the valve stem to free it up. Then push the
pump d on to the valve head, and inflate
To inflate a Presta valve with a Schraeder pump fitting, you'll need a adapter (available
at your bike shop) which screws on to the valve stem once you've freed
rapidly, which could cause the tube to explode.
Tire pressure is given either as maximum pressure or as a pressure
range. How a tire performs under different terrain or weather condition
depends largely on tire pressure. Inflating the tire to near its maximum
recommended pressure gives the lowest rolling resistance but also
produces the harshest ride. High pressures work best on smooth, dry
pavement Very low pressures, at the bottom of the recommended pressure range
give the best performance on smooth, slick terrain such as hard-packed
clay, and on deep, loose surfaces such as deep, dry sand
Tire pressure that is too low for your weight and the riding conditions
can cause a puncture of the tube by allowing the tire to deform
sufficiently to pinch the inner tube between the rim and the riding surface
A CAUTION: Pencil type automotive tire gauges can be inaccurate
and should not be relied upon for consistent, accurate pressure readings.
Instead, use a high quality dial gauge.
Ask your dealer to recommend the best tire pressure for the kind of
that riding you will most often do, and have the dealer inflate your
pressure. Then, check inflation as described in Section 1 C so you'll know
correctly inflated tires should look and feel you don't have
access to a gauge, some tires may need to be brought up to pressure
every week or two.
Some special high-performance tires have unidirectional other.
tread one direction than in the The pattern is designed to work better in showing
sidewall marking of a tire will ave an arrow orrect rotation direction. If your bike has fires,
that they are mounted to rotate in the correct direction.

Tires and Tubes
Tire markings
The size, pressure rating, and on some high-
performance tires the specific recommended
The part of this
use, are marked on the sidewall of the tire (see
information which is most important to you is Tire Pressure.
WARNING: Never inflate a beyond the maximum pressure
marked on the fire's sidewall. Exceeding the recommended maximum
pressure may blow the the rim, which could cause damage to the
bike to the rider and
The best and safest way to inflate a bicycle tire to the correct pressure
is with a bicycle pump which has a built-in pressure gauge.
WARNING: There is a safety risk in
using gas station air hoses or other
air compressors. They are not made for bicycle tires. They move a large
volume of air very rapidly
and will raise the pressure in your tire very

To ride safely and comfortably a bicycle and its
equipment must be matched properly to the size
and skills of the rider.

A bicycle that is too big or too small for the rider is
hard to control and can be uncomfortable. If yo
bicycle does not fit properly, you may lose con
and fall.

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