Tuesday, March 11, 2014

PUMA FAAS Running Shoes

I ordered a Pair of PUMA Faas 600 Running Shoes from Amazon. I'm a Neutral Daily Runner. I had racked up over 200 miles on my PUMA Night Fox trail running shoes so I needed some new Running Kicks. PUMA Running Shoes Run Small for sizes. I wear a size 13 us in other brand Running Shoes. Size 14 us PUMA running Shoes fit me Perfect!

Buncha Hype recently about running gait and foot strike when running. Heel Strike Running, Mid Foot Strike Running, Toe Strike Running.  Heel Striker? greater than 8mm Heel to toe drop in Shoe sole thickness,  Mid foot or toe Striker? less than 6mm heel to toe drop in shoe sole thickness is recomended. Such as the PUMA Faas 100 R have 0mm heel to toe sole thickness drop and are for Racing

PUMA Faas Suffix letters mean what type of use. Such as the PUMA Faas 100 TR are for Trail Running.
PUMA Faas TR - Trail
PUMA Faas S - Stability
PUMA Faas R - Race
PUMA Faas N - Neutral

Puma FAAS 600 Running Shoes Have 12mm Heel to toe sole thickness drop and are Neutral. While the PUMA Faas 600 S has 8mm heel to toe sole thickness drop and are for Stability.

PUMA FAAS technology different Heel to toe shoe sole thickness. The PUMA Faas Foam  Sole,  you select the ideal PUMA FAAS Running shoe for you. lighter ride, select a lower Puma Faas Foam number. For a Squishy, cushioned ride, select a higher Faas Foam number Puma FAAS Running Shoe.


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