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Cross Florida individual Time Trial 2013

CFiTT 2013 Video

Started Saturday at 6:04am Finished Monday at 3:00pm. 270 Miles.

Karlos graciously gave a Shuttle ride from Vehicle Parking at the Finish on the Withlacoochee Trail to the Start in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.
Pre-Race Meal of Shrimp N Grits, Fish Tacos, and two Hawaiian Beers at the Upper Deck New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Stayed at the Best Western New Smyrna Beach, Florida located right next to the Start point on the beach.
Got off to a Slow Start, Did my Wheel Dip in the Atlantic then Stopped at the bank down the street to get cash. Then stopped at Dunkin Doughnuts down the street for coffee. I sipped my Coffee as I pedaled over the causeway.
Made it thru the Apartments and Thru the trail behind the college with ease. Then came to Airpark road where on the trail guide it stated to enter the Future rail trail corridor. I had been studying the route for months planning to bushwack that section. Spent 20 minutes trying to work my thru the impassible scrub oak palmetto kudzu wall. The GPS looked as if you followed the road and it looked as if no one had been thru so gave up and bushwacked to the road and went on. Caught up to Karlos who had a flat not far ahead and he verified we did not have to do that Airpark road section.
Made a Store stop at Cow road, got water & banana before entering the raised rail bed section. Stopped under the I-95 overpass at Maytown road and ate some snacks and stretched legs. Then on to Osteen, FL for the Checkpoint at the cement marker. Stopped at the Texaco there at the entrance to the Spring to Spring Multi use paved Trail. Rank a Gatorade and a MuscleMilk Protien Shake. Felt Great. The Spring to Sprint Paved trail was beautiful. Stopped at the Park Tool Public Bike repair stand and pumped my tires up a little. Stopped at Burger King near the I-4 overpass and ate two grilled chicken sandwiches and a coke. Continued on the spring to spring paved trail and missed my Turn into Gemini Spring State Park by gazing at the scenery. Popped out at Lake Monroe park then up Shell road thru some neighborhoods. Then on up Dutchmen's bend to a back entrance to Hontoon Island Park. Following trail along side Railroad up to the next checkpoint at Lake Baresford. After Getting the Checkpoint at the Tall Bridge Overpass Popped up on the paved trail in Blue Springs State Park. Next was the Lake Beresford Leaning Tree Checkpoint. Saw bear on way out and a Lime Tree.  That gave way to back roads to a Store Stop Just past the DeLand Amtrak Train Station. More MuscleMilk and Gatorade before heading north in the pouring rain. Hit some Grassy Double Track after passing a Big Sign that saidAREA CLOSED, REFUGE HUNT IN PROGRESS Followed that north then a Fence Hop into the Lake Woodruff National Wildlife refuge Hit some soft sand for a ways before popping back out on the Rail Road Tracks riding gravel up the back entrance to Chuck Lennon MTB Trail. Continued to Pour rain and got Dark as I made my way around that FUN trail with many Twist and drops. Came to the trail head and thought I was finished But then saw other riders coming from another parking area . I had not finished the Raccoon run trail. Adjusted Bags and put on my Good light and trudged on thru to the end in the Dark. Right when I popped out of the Trail there was a Policeman riding by who saw me and over his loud speaker said Park is Closed!. Settled In for the Ride north up thru the Lake George State Forest. Still Raining but slacking up a bit. Once on the Lake George State Forest Roads it was just a drizzle and the dirt roads were like Glue. Made it to the Riley Pridgeon HWY 40 intersection checkpoint then Hit the Astora Hotel down the street in Astor, Florida. Had called ahead and the owner had left the room door unlocked and the key in the drawer. Was instructed to leave $51 in the drawer before I left. Took  a nice Hot Shower and walked across the Drawbridge over the ST Johns River to the BlackWater Inn Restaurant. Had Salad Bar, Steak and shrimp Dinner with Two St Paulies Girl Beers. Staggered back to the room. On my Way to wash my clothes I Spotted a Big Black Bear Digging thru the Hotel Dumpster. He ran Off as I got near. Could barely stay awake to put clothes in Dryer. Had taken the rags from the bathroom and stuffed my shoes to wick the water and it worked they were Dry the next morning. Left The room at 4:30 am to make the 7:30am Fort Gates Ferry. Stopped in Seville, FL for more water and Muscle Milk. Made it to the Ferry at 7:35am and he had not made the first run. No riders were there to my surprise. I was hoping to catch a lot of people who camped there. Rested on the other side of the Ferry ride, ate Pringles and trail mix. Beautiful Sunny morning in the forest made it to Salts Springs and grabbed breakfast at the Square Meal Restaurant. Had Coffee, 2 eggs over easy Toast and grits. Refilled Water and headed out to Cross the Ocala National Forest. Would regret not getting a to go lunch later as I would get hungry in the forest. Paul S caught up and we chatted on the long dirt roads. He road off and completed the Lake Eaton Loop before I got there and I was able to get a quick Video interview before he sped off.  Found a Snicker Bar on the Lake Eaton Loop and devoured it I was sick of Perpetuem and Clif bars. After Chatting with John M and Getting all Three Checkpoints on the lake Eaton Loop it seemed like forever till I reached Mill Dam Park to refill on water. After that I was looking for the Ocklawaha River and entrance to the Marshall Swamp. The Marshall Swamp trail was beautiful with HUGE Palmettos and nice wooden bridges. Starving I was looking for the Mobile Gas station that was after the Florida Greenway Paved Bike Path. Finally made it there getting close to 5pm. Ran in Chugged a MuscleMilk Protein shake then Sprinted to the Greenway Bicycle Shop at the Santos Trail Head. I rolled up right as Danno was locking the door. He reopened and provided the energy food I would need the next day as well as Fixed a cable problem another rider was having that rolled up after me. Started pouring rain and got dark as I hit the Santos trail headed to the LandBridge Trail Head. Got a Room at the Microtel Just down the road from the Santos Landbridge Trailhead. Showered Put all devices on charge then headed over to the Cracker Barrel for some Chicken n Dumplings, Pinto Beans, Carrots, Corn and Biscuits with blackberry jam also guzzled some sweet Tea. Grabbed another Muscle Milk for the Next Morning on the way back to the room. Got up and drank two full water bottles during the night planning on a Hot Muggy next Day. Got up at 5:15am drank my Muscle milk. Packed up, rolled down to the Continental breakfast, Had two Bowls of Raisin Bran and a Cinnamon raisin bagel. NO COFFEE WHAT!?! They had no coffee Cups. I had some gels with Caffeine so I would be good. Beautiful Morning in the Landbridge Trails Had fun railing the twisty turns and catching air, felt Great! Hit the Walmart Subway and got a 6 Italian BMT on Honey oat with lettuce tomato spinach oil vinegar salt oregano before entering the Halpata Tastanaki Preserve Looking for the Pruitt Memorial. The trail there looked likeRake N Ride and were plowed up by wild hogs. It was flat and very slow going zapping my energy. After Passing the Pruitt Memorial the trail gave way to Grassy double track then to a busy Road to Dunellon Circle K with Semi Trucks Passing Close at 70MPH. Stopped and gazed at the Rainbow River before restocking at the Circle K store in Dunnellon. Drank Another MuscleMilk and Gatorade ate a Pecan Pie Clif Bar. Headed out to make the End before Sundown. Passed thru some neighborhoods with Soft Sugar Sand made it to the Withlacoochee portion of the Florida Greenway. Got the checkpoint at the overlook and cruised the pristine paved trail to the end and the Front wheel dip in the Gulf Of Mexico. Ahh Felt Good. That was FUN! Then the Sand gnats attacked and I was getting ate up!  Changed clothes right out in the parking lot and Bolted to the Shrimp Landing Restaurant in Inglis, FL and had some awesome FRESH Shrimp with homemade cocktail and tartar sauce with a HUGE sweet tea!

CFiTT  2013Photos:


1. Graham Brink 1 day 3 HOURS AND 8 MINUTES
2. Derek Tribble 1 DAY 4 HOURS 3 MINUTES
3. Brandon Cannon 1 day 10 hours and 23 minutes
4. Lynne Daniels 1 day 10 hours and 41 minutes
5.Celso Rodrigues 1 day 10 hours and 41 minutes and 30 seconds
6. Chris Benkly 1 day 10 hours and 42 minutes
7. Peter Kraft 1 day 11 hours and 42 minutes
8.Charlie Kemp `1 day 13 hours and 29 minutes
9.Colin Campbell 1 day 14 hours and 51 min
10.Ruth Cunningham 1 day 14 hours and 56 minutes
11.Paul Schmitt 1 day 16 hours and 41 minutes
12.Duane Langlie 2 days 8 hours and 46 minutes
13.Dean Thornton 2 days 8 hours and 56 minutes
14.Joseph Mobilio 3 DAYS 10 HOURS AND 24 MINUTES
15.Charles Dowman 3 DAYS 10 HOURS AND 26 MINUTES
16.Brett Davidson 3 DAYS 10 HOURS AND 27 MINUTES

Finished but not scored:
John Moorehouse
Kevin Greten

Did Not Finish:
Karlos Rodriguez Bernart
A Jeff Tomassetti
David Fink
CLayton Bramlett
Eric Classens
Herbert Abernathy
Ian Ritner
Jack Graves
Jason Greene
JOhn McClure
Keith Beverly
Mark Thomson
Tony Buchman
William Bailey
Rory Avant
Pre-Race Prep:

Officially registered for the 2013 CFiTT!
Atlantic ocean to the Gulf of Mexico across central Florida mostly off-road bicycle race. ~250 miles
Figuring out what gear to take along the 2013 Cross Florida individual Time Trial (CFitt). This will give me an idea of what and how many Bicycle Bags, Bicycle Rack, Trunk, Panniers? I plan on going Minimal and sourcing along the CFitt route any major appliance I require.
CFiTT Preliminary Gear List:
Spot Locator
Water Bladder
Rain Jacket
Light –Blinkie
Extra Batteries GPS/Phone
Brake Pads
Deraileur Hanger
Chain Tool, pin, link
Multi Tool, Hex, Torq
Spoke Wrench
4 tubes
Patch kit
Co2 Kit Levers
Duct tape, zip ties
Zip lock bag
Bug spray
Butt Butter
Sock Hat
Perpetuem, gels, enduralytes
Sun & clear glasses

List of Gear I have purchased just for this event so far:

Under Seat Bag:
 Phantom Packs SIC pack

Tubless Tires:

Handlebar Bag:

Bivy Set up:

GPS unit:


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